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Team hibernation is in full effect. Hermit Mode Could be calling your name, or maybe you just got out of hermit. Its ALL apart of the SHIFT.

Today is my first day of hermit and a Facebook Detox. I don't know what it is about Facebook but it drains me. My feed is full of small businesses and inspiration but since being monetized and given the opportunity to make $30,000 a month it has been driving me to the ground. So, I am done with it. No longer interested in being consistent on an app that blocks my post, gives me pennies for my content, and constantly tells me they are demonetizing my reels.

During my sabatical I will be off Facebook completely with intentions of approaching it a different way once I return. I may even turn off professional mode so my content is seen and I gain new supporters.

I will continue to go live on TikTok, be sure to follow me @MoonGoddess_707

Also, I have created a new youtube channel where I plan on being as consistent on as I was on Facebook. I am releasing the energy vampire of the Facebook feed. Click Here to be directed to my channel.

I will be working on rebranding; which will be dropped Spring 2024, I am so excited for the next level of my journey, I have so many things to mark off my bucket list in 2024 but first the FINALE of 2023.

If you are feeling depressed, tired, like you are going through a void and not sure which direction to go. I encourage you to take a mental break, focus on gounding and making room. There is a huge Earth Shift and you have to be ready. Everything will work out - it always does.

So here are some reason you need to go into hermit. Please note that the moon is also in Virgo right now which proves as above so below. Virgo is the hermit card in tarot.

  1. Your're feeling very sensitive right now to people, places, energy

  2. You're either spending a lot of time alone or know you should be.

  3. Losing interest in things that usually excite you.

  4. Appetite has changed including ANYTHING spiritual. Could be overly indulging in youtube, tiktok, facebook, instagram

  5. You have a strong desire to find your purpose or what you should be doing now

  6. You know your family or friends would not understand how you are feeling or what you are going through so you keep it to yourself.

Take this time, because I know I am. Spend it with yourself, with your family, getting outside and planting your feet in ground, cleaning and cleansing your space and read a book you have been meaning to tap into or a course you want to take. Focus on self fulfillment.

New Moon in Sagittarius on 12/12/2023- how are you spending it? Make sure to check out my blog on New Moon Time. I will also be holding a 5 day Challenge of Moonifesting- YOU SHOULD JOIN. 12/10-12/14 with a live zoom call on 12/12 at 9:30 pm est- plenty of time to settle your family before you jump on. Its only 11.11 to be apart of it. $tiamaria707

I love you and happy Earthing because that is what we should be doing right now.

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